Saturday, December 26, 2020

Boxing Day America: Celebrate The Schtruggle

One day it’s November


and Thanksgiving,Gurley-Pilgrims-Thanksgiving-Candles-Vintage-Lot-Of-4

the next thing you know it’s Christmas.

and then blammo!  Boxing Day.

A boxing glove on the arm of someone wearing a Santa suit.

The name, origin and traditions of Boxing Day are disputed, as are most things these days. But in America to the best of my knowledge it’s just a day set aside for post-Christmas-sales shopping and returns. Back in the olden days (pre-cooties) people would storm back to the cheerfully over-decorated malls they had sworn just one week earlier to never ever visit again in search of super-sales on stuff they don’t need, don’t want and likely will end up giving away by the Fourth of July.

christmas 2020 be likeThe quintessential 2020 mall decoration: Christmas Godzilla

But now that we are in semi-lockdown around the land I’d like to suggest we all put our boxing gloves down, settle in with a nice cup of hot cocoa,

hot chocolate2jpg

flip your laptop open, and shop for all those after Christmas bargains in the safe, COVID-free environment of Amazon Outlet: Clearance, Markdowns and Overstock Deals!

After having been robbed of St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas and everything in-between by our government overseers we deserve at least one extra holiday this year. So whether you choose to shop on-line, cruise the internet randomly, watch old movies or just eat, drink and be merry, go right ahead.

And if you’re feeling festive and a wee bit energetic you could actually get into the spirit of the day by finding a REALLY BIG BOX, cram it full of stuff you want to get rid of and set it out at the curb

2020 Dumpster Fire - NeatoShop

for pickup – torching. Yes, definitely torching, much more festive. And if you don’t believe me just ask ANTIFA and BLM; now those guys really know how to celebrate a schtruggle.