Saturday, March 26, 2022

Stay Away From People Whose Nerve Endings Extend Beyond Their Bodies

This is how I feel this fine Caturday:

fuzzy cat

That’s not an aura, it’s a visual manifestation of a force field comprised of nerve endings that you don’t want to get within 6 feet of (it’s for your own safety).


Here is an alternate, less disturbing, illustration. It’s a postmodern interpretation, somewhat amusing but the complete opposite of reality as everyone knows the pins should be the other way around.

 cactus pin cushion ironicAn ironic, postmodern cactus pin cushion

In other words, I don’t feel like being messed with today.

But be sure to come back tomorrow when I will describe my recent trip to the DMV. While I can’t blame the experience for my prickly persona it surely did not help.