Tuesday, March 22, 2022

This Message Was Brought To You By The Politico-Media Complex


With inflation running rampant and no power to do a thing about it I have decided to embrace it. Therefore, with the powers vested in me, I hereby declare the third day of the week to henceforth be known as Tiny Tuesday.

We begin by bringing back the Mini-meal. This, as you may recall, was first popularized by our then FLOTUS, Lady M, known at the time as somewhat of a giant in the ranks of nutritionists .

mcdonalds mini meal

She single-handedly brought new meaning to ‘bite-sized’ food.



Little did we appreciate at the time that this was just a drill for the real deal to arrive with the second coming of Barack, the Lightbringer, in the guise of a potato. But this time it’s apparently for real: I understand that Dunkin’ Donuts has officially changed their name to Shrunkin’ Donuts.

mini cherrio donuts

So embrace this new diet imposed on us by our betters for our own good.

hold me closer tiny donuts

And remember: your government has determined at various times that salt, fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine and fossil fuels are not good for you. So continue to enjoy them, but do so responsibly (as determined by our nutritional and clean energy betters).

tiny dunkins

This message was brought to you by the Politico-Media complex