Friday, July 31, 2009

The After the Show Show

You’ve all seen the photo-op shots of the beer summit, but Lady M was so pleased with the way I refracted her into her St. Provo Girl outfit that she authorized the release of this photo from behind the scenes. You’ll probably notice that Joey B wasn’t invited to the after the show show. Not that he isn’t just one of the regular guys, but we’ve found him to be better at photo ops than negotiations, or anything else that requires him to talk.

beer summit secret photo copy

As you can see, MO looks stunning dressed up in her American designed Tyrolean outfit. For you snarks out there who keep suggesting that FLOTUS might benefit from a wonder bra - with my lens and imaging features, she doesn’t need to put herself through that torture. But you be the judge.

We’ll not be seeing MO in this outfit again, even though POTUS and Toes both loved her dance routine with the Festivus pole. That’s good news for me, because that required the use of everyone of my back-up drives.

We’re not maintaining that this was a 100% successful summit, as the prof and the cop still disagreed about the race thing when it was over. But at least we got the Commie Pinko from Harvard to drink an American beer. No, you dolt, Professor Gates, not BO.