Friday, December 4, 2009

Jobs Summit Saves Christmas

Yes, I know, I know. There’s been a lot of big news around here. But we need to start at the end and work our way backwards. Big Guy’s big jobs summit: How do you know it was big? Well, anytime Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman show up for the same event, you know it’s big. Apparently the Chamber of Commerce wasn’t invited, which makes sense, since they didn’t get any of the stimulus cash to create or save jobs.

So maybe we can stop getting our panties in a bundle over the strangely lethargic West Point speech and just focus on something a little more positive: Christmas in and around the Big White. That’s right, you read correctly. The polls are in, and after 2 months of focus groups and deliberating, we are now officially permitted to refer to it as “Christmas”. Besides, the non-controlling legal opinions came in, indicating that “Christmas” was a designated federal holiday. And it appears that there is not sufficient support in Congress to change it’s name to the “Official Federal Winter Holiday”. Nancy and Harry both said they could muster the votes if necessary, but it would cost another $500 million. And, like everyone else, we’re cutting back this year, so “Christmas” it is.

So here’s the run down so far: we kicked off Wednesday with a “preview” party. I just love this administration! Pre-party parties! I understand we’re doing “previews” for all future State Dinners too, just to iron out any wrinkles.


The centerpiece of it all is in the Blue Room: an 18 1/2-by-13-foot Douglas fir that was delivered last Friday and is lit with environmentally sound LED lights, decorated with huge gold ribbons and bows and more than 650 ornaments from prior administrations, and is tied to the ceiling. (kind of like GM, AIG, BoA etc. Only they’re tied to the floor.)

blue room douglas


The White House is celebrating Christmas with recycled ornaments, natural materials and, of course, a gingerbread White House. The 390-pound work of culinary art is covered in white chocolate and has a marzipan replica of family dog, Bo. The staff spent 6 weeks creating this impressive gingerbread house.

christmas ginger garden

christmas ginger garden

Check out the marzipan veggie garden! Sweet!


 christmas bo

How cute is little Bo? He took our own Ace of Cakes 8 hours to make. Oh oh! You can’t do that in the WH organic veggie patch, Bo! 


For the occasion Lady M dressed up as a giant green elf: get it? Organic veggie garden?WHITE_HOUSE_CHRISTMAS_74b2


Then next morning, Big Guy held his jobs summit, where he announced that the White House had just created or saved 2000 jobs just in setting up for the big up-coming holiday Christmas parties. The gingerbread house alone saved 50 jobs.

Then last night, we lit the giant Christmas tree.ct4

ct2How many O’s does it take to pull the trigger? Ha,ha. Only Won.




And finally, we have this:



Big Guy with the only other person on earth that gives away more stuff. (I sure hope Santa makes it out of there with that big shiny black belt.)