Thursday, December 3, 2009

Josephine, Meet Your Inner Napoleon

I was desperately concerned that someone was going to notice this because - let’s face it – it was obvious enough to make it fair game.sd91And sure enough, not only did Mrs. P. go on the record with before and after pictures, but she had the audacity to include a picture of a perfect Josephine, just to make her point.


We’ve been struggling for 11 months now, trying to soften Lady M’s hard stare and shore up Big Guy’s machismo. Just exactly how does this kind of commentary help?

“It figures that if one of the Obamas was going to grow a pair, it'd be the wife.”

Next, I suppose you’re going to want MO to address the War College?

But for the record: These are not falsies. Simply body “accessories” that have been artfully rearranged through the miracle of lycra (and Moi, of course.)

H/T Patum Peperium