Wednesday, December 2, 2009

West Point? Eeyore Called. He Said He’s Not the Only Ass Around Here.

Whew! Tough night up at West Point. MO couldn’t go, because she… because…well, to be honest, she just didn’t want to. Bo westpoint mo red ouch

And what a shame. Look at that sea of grey: a little jewel toned number like this would have really stood out and made quite a fashion statement.

But maybe she, like Chris Matthews, understood this to be the “enemy camp” and she just didn’t wish to expose her flanks. MO’s already feeling a little beat up over the grief she’s getting about Diva Desiree’s cavalier attitude towards security. And to be honest, it’s not like she’s getting paid for any of this. Well, by way of a paycheck with her name on it anyway.

Which is kind of a sore point around here, because up till now MO has always made more money than BO. Now that she doesn’t have that going for her, it’s a little harder to get Big Guy to see things her way all the time. And if she ever catches him casting that imperial gaze down his nose at her again, well, let’s just say I hope someone has properly stored the presidential golf clubs.

But I digress: the point is everyone around here has been a little testy today because the big read up at West Point didn’t go over quite as well as we’d hoped. Apparently equivocation with conviction doesn’t sell as well at the military academy as it always did in the Senate. You know, where you get to vote for something before you vote against it, or, alternatively, simply vote “present” ? Up till now, “present” was always sufficient for Big Guy. As long as he was there, the MSM would do the rest.

Minimally, we all thought that after the Indian State Dinner where we pulled out all the stops (other than checking the guest list for rude intruders) that at least the Indians would be our friends. So how do you explain Tunku Varadarajan calling Big Guy’s speech “Obama’s Eeyore Act”? Wow, we can’t even buy a break around here anymore!

I’m afraid the O’s are just starting to figure out that this job is “really hard” (where have I heard that before?). And I’m afraid it’s starting to show on their faces, which is a no-no. Even watching brother Craig's team defeat the opposition doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. The O’s and grandma look like they’ve been sucking on pickles, and the Secret Service guys look like they wish they were sucking on arsenic.

barack-obama-and-family-at-basketball-gamejpg-8674bebb4bc52684_largeBut come on! Suck it up guys! It’s not like our team is losing or anything. Are they?

H/T Rational Jingo