Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Invitations? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Invitations!

Ever since the break-in at the Indian State Dinner, the O’s have been very jumpy. They get up in the middle of the night and check to make sure the burglar alarm is set, and the back door is locked.

Big Guy and Lady M are both really, really steamed about this security breach, and you can be sure someone will be falling on the sword any day now (If by “falling on the sword” you mean “being stabbed in the back”). In the mean time, Secret Service announced some changes in security screening policy:

A government official familiar with the plans says from now on, a staff member from the White House social office will work with the Secret Service at the gates where people check in to attend official events at the president's residence.


Which is kind of funny, because that’s how we used to do it in all of the previous administrations. But when Diva Desiree arrived, I guess the Secret Service decided she wouldn’t be that much help anyway.




So – because I don’t want you getting upset if you see this somewhere else -I’m going to let you in on this top-secret tid-bit: I know I can trust you, but please, for any number of reasons, I implore you not to pass it on. Until such time as we are all comfortable with the new security measures, this is MO’s undercover disguise, and her code name will be “Zapata”.michelleobama I’m sure she’ll be safe, so don’t worry. And as soon as Desiree figures out how to make out an official guest list while her nails are drying, we can all get back to normal around here.

H/T Vanderleun