Monday, January 25, 2010

Dorks and Snarks

Sorry everyone, but I’ve been very busy here at the Sundance outpost. I even signed an autograph the other day! Although Raj said it might have been the bill for lunch.

Just a quick post to let you know how really, really cool Sundance is: look who came (again) this year!

 paris dork paris hilton paris3


OMG! It is! Paris. Paris Hilton. Remember her? Famous for being famous? That’s still all she’s got going, but this year she took a snowboarding lesson from her reality show boyfriend, whats-his-name. Proof that everyone looks like a dork on a snowboard.

Also, I just checked in on our Snark 4 contest. I must say, you’re not doing your part here snarks and snarkettes. There are only 3 nominations and two of them are protests. I would hate to cancel the contest due to lack of interest, as there has been PLENTY of snarking going on around here. So if you wish to nominate, be sure to weigh in here. And remember: nominating yourself is not only acceptable, it’s expected.

Checked in back at the Big White and apparently everyone’s hunkered down. Harry and Nancy are out counting votes and everyone else is busy finding more jobs that have been created or saved. After Val, Axe-man and Gibbsy’s appearances on the Sunday shows all we know is that it’s somewhere between “thousands” (Val) and “2 million” (Axe). I’m betting the final numbers will be higher.