Sunday, January 24, 2010

Under the Stars


It has been very cold and snowy here at Sundance. In addition to providing technical support for all of my complex systems, I’ve had to assign Raj to snow clearing duties. Unfortunately, he’s from southern India, where they never see snow so his technique leaves much to be desired. I keep telling him, pile it up on the side, but he just keeps shoveling it over his shoulder. He said this was how they taught him in Washington. Maybe so, but we don’t seem to be making much progress.

But I am pleased to report that Raj has established a nice little side business here at Sundance. There are so many southern Californians here whose iPhones aren’t used to the cold, that they keep freezing up. For a small fee (which I can’t disclose, as I don’t know what he’s going to claim on his taxes) Raj is restoring their magic. I’m led to believe that Big Guy might require the same service; of course for him there would be no charge since we all work for him.

As an added service, for each phone he restores to it’s prior glory, Raj is installing a special app that he developed himself. It involves a 30 minute tour of the Big White with MO, where you can actually rearrange the furniture and select your own art. PLUS, there’s an app that contains BO’s top 10 speeches. You can pull out all of the “let me be clears”, “extraordinaries”, “robusts” and “unprecedenteds” and replay them all in a loop set to old newsreels. Quite retro. I think it will be quite a hit with the Sundance crowd.

And yes, I did see that Lady M ventured out without me to tell the mayors of America that she’s fighting childhood obesity, one zucchini at a time. All things considered, I think it went pretty well. Although she still seems to be having problems with those buttons. She’s just used to everything buttoning on the left, so this sudden shift to the right is disorienting.


I’ve got to run now. It’s time for another “film screening,” aka going to a movie. This one is called “Please Give”. I think it’s either about Haiti or BO’s overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code. Will get back to you with more later – plus a fashion report on the latest black ensembles spotted at Sundance.

Oh, my chip upgrades, and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) shielding? I’m having that done next week. I thought since I was here on the taxpayer’s dime, I might as well schedule a few extra days to catch up on popular culture. It’s all too easy to let yourself get out of touch when you’re in Washington.