Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spiders, Herbs & Deadbeat Dads

Sundance Festival: Day 2

Isn’t that a cool way to start my post. That’s the way everything starts around here, well, tomorrow it will be Day 3 but you probably knew that.

Anyway, yesterday I saw another movie film and a bunch of stars. It’s hard to tell which ones are stars sometimes because everybody is covered head to toe in black and without their movie star makeup, a lot of them aren’t that pretty.

The film I saw is “Daddy Long Legs”. It was supposed to be called “Go Get Some Rosemary”, but somebody thought it would do better if people thought it was about spiders. It’s not. But it’s not about rosemary - or any other herb - either.

daddylonglegs It’s the heart warming story of a deadbeat dad who has to entertain his 2 young boys for 2 full weeks each year. What a sacrifice. The boys names are Sage and Frey, so I guess that provides a clue to the original title’s herb association. But the story isn’t really about the children. But then why would any story about a deadbeat dad really be about the children?

I give it a B+.

I saw these two downtown, if you can really say Park City has a downtown.

 Jon Gosselin

See what I mean about how hard it can be to spot stars. I didn’t know who these guys were, but it’s some guy named Jon Gosselin, and his newest squeeze. Here’s another look. Sometimes black isn’t so slimming after all.


It was really karmic, because Jon apparently is a deadbeat father who ditched his 8 children. I don’t know if he has to spend 8 weeks with them each year, but I bet the kids hope not.

And speaking of fat slobs, I also heard that over at supportive ABC, Dianne Sawyer has named Lady M “Person of the Week” because she wants fighting childhood obesity to be her legacy. And if you ask me, she deserves it.


I think these pictures from MO’s childhood show that her obesity issues didn’t come till later in life.

that's the power of transimaging copy_thumb[1]

More salad bar, less lobster

If you’re new to my blog, you might be wondering about the movie stuff. Well, I’m holed up in a bunker in Utah for a few days with Raj and Bo, letting things cool off in Big White. I have Air Force Won standing by in case Lady M decides to appear in public. Also, many of you have kindly asked about my soul mate, and fellow Team member TOTUS. I’ll tell you about that very soon.