Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Honoring America’s Greatest Black Leader: No, Not Big Guy. Martin Luther King

We had a very big Martin Luther King Day celebration. We tried really hard not to make it about the O’s, but you know how hard that is. Because of the groupies I mean.

As you know, we really started the celebration Sunday by going to Church, something we haven’t done regularly since Reverend Wright retired. It was kind of nice, these people didn’t seem anywhere near as angry as that crowd back in Chicago, and Big Guy got to give his speech inspirational address.

Then yesterday the whole fam headed over to So That Others Might Eat, a social services organization, to do the lunch service.

mlk 8

Here was the menu: BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese or potato salad, bread (this is the healthy part) and mixed veggies. Normally the veggies would be considered healthy too, but these came from the Big White garden. Then for dessert: cake and coffee. Wrong on two counts: one: cake? At “So Others Might Eat”? I’m not sure that’s the message we want to send. And secondly: coffee?


So Bill Clinton can make some more smarty-pants remarks? Are all of the political advisors busy up in Massachusetts this week?

Then we stopped in at the Red Cross Center to ensure that everyone knew we had NOT forgotten about the Haitians like George W. Bush forgot about the brothers in New Orleans (I wonder why Big Guy hasn’t finished up rebuilding the city yet? Maybe because everyone moved to Houston?).

mlk upholstery

Then we had a reception at the Big White to discuss the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement with some African American senior citizens (who used to be Negros) and their grandchildren (who believe that “Negro” is the N-word or something).


It was real nice. Dorothy Height, the longtime chairwoman of the National Council of Negro Women (who doesn’t believe “Negro” is a dirty word) was there, as was Willie Glanton, the first black woman elected to Iowa's state Legislature in the mid-1960s. Big Guy told reporters that they " were some (of the) extraordinarily courageous young people ... who were actively involved in bringing about one of the great moments in United States history." I guess he meant his election, but I didn’t really hear him thank anyone there for that.

Then, we headed over to the Kennedy Center for the Let Freedom Ring concert. It was great, but I don’t think Sean Hannity was even there. India Aria sang along with the Let Freedom Ring Choir made up mostly of Georgetown students and faculty – no country or western stars.

Lady M, Grandma, the girls and Aunt Valarie, who goes everywhere with us now, were seated in a box while Big Guy droned on gave an inspirational read.


All in all, a great day. We think Martin Luther King would have been proud. Except maybe about that serving coffee thing.

So, to recap the highlights of the day:

1- kaki baseball cap (go Red Sox), purple SEIU sweater under organically green service apron

2- purple/rose tweed upholstery fabric dress with funny ruching somewhere near the natural waist

3- Black sparkly dress with our new tousled-bob-for-evening