Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Back Is The New Looking Forward

I’m a little steamed right now, which makes it hard to see my monitor. But I just saw a post over at Vanderleun’s American Digest asking “Are We Better Off Today Than We Were One Year Ago?”  right over this picture:


I’m not upset about the question or the picture. Lord knows, I miss 43, 42, 41 and 40 something awful. Some more than others. More 43 than 41 and 42. Most of all 40. I was just a pile of undifferentiated sand-o-plasm before 40, so that’s pretty much where history starts for me. But I guess everybody except Chrissy Mathews and Herr Olbermann miss somebody now.

But what really upsets me is the suggestion that Team Obama hasn’t any significant accomplishments comparable to Lincoln, Reagan and Bush 43.

Hello Gerard, we won the N-O-B-E-L Prize !!!

framed world readership-CENTAU copy_thumb[2]


And are you not aware that Lady M was named Elle Magazine’s Best Dressed woman of 2009? We solidly kicked froggy tail with that win!

mo elle Look at the wasp waist I’ve refracted!

And I guess you think our big “Iron Chef – Battle Croc-pot” win is trite?

mo mario crocs final copy_thumb[4] The icing on the cake

So,Ok. We lost a few along the way too. Like the O-lympics Copenhagen pitch (we should have nailed that one on karma alone), Universal C02 Tax to stop Global Warming (also in Copenhagen.. I hate Denmark, I’m glad they’re freezing their stinky little fish butts off), the Governors of New Jersey and Virginia (yikes! Could that Jersey Boy use someone like me on staff.), The “Kennedy Senate Seat” (at least Scotty is really, really dreamy. He can dress in front of me anytime he wants.)

If it ended there, I think we could continue on with our chin up. But it looks like Obamacare, Obama-corps, O’Card Check, O’Carbon Tax, O’ammnesty and even the closing of Gitm’O might be in jeopardy. This is going to be a very long 3 years.

My hard drive’s full of history so I know that Lincoln freed the slaves. But Big Guy cares about human rights too: he gave the Panty-Bomber Miranda rights. And lawyers. And he’s giving KSM a trial in New York. And I know that historians say Reagan won the cold war. But if that’s really true, why is Algore still trying to get everyone wee-weed up to fight global warming? And why is it so cold outside!

Like you said, Mr. Van der Leun, GWB kept us safe after 911. But we’ve only been attacked twice since Big Guy was immaculated inaugurated. And we don’t count the first one since he was presumably on our side. Just a bad case of pre-traumatic stress. We’re medicating for that now.

I will cop to having felt a whole lot safer when the real Dick Cheney was on deck. I’m secretly hoping that he still is, from deep within his bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Rockies. I sometimes even project that dream onto the big screen in the red room when no one else is around. Someone told me once a dream is a wish your heart makes. [sigh]

I better go find Raj. I want to make sure my special firewall is holding.  Then we’re going to see a movie. “Howl” I think.  I thought I was leaving that behind for awhile.