Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For reasons that will soon be apparent, I had to have Raj encrypt this post. If you’re unable to read it in its entirety, either you don’t have cookies enabled on your computer or Raj hasn’t sent you the super secret cookie to get you through my firewall. So if you're having trouble, either enable your cookies or contact Raj.

I’m writing this on my computer deep inside my little closet in the back of Lady M’s dressing room. Also crammed in here with me are Raj (his temporary satellite office) and poor little Bo. After the election results from Massachusetts were announced, it went nuclear around here.


I’m Scott Brown. I’m from Wrentham. I drive a truck. Get out of my way, I’m on a mission.

I tried to warn you it would get really ugly if Big Guy found out he’d lost his mojo. Well, apparently not only did he lose his mojo, but he lost his Senate. The good news is we’ve finally found something that Big Guy doesn’t want to make about him.

Anyway, you should’ve heard the language! I haven’t heard anything like that around here since – well, lets just say W and Laura didn’t use any of those words. There were flying objects and flying f-bombs and who knows what else. I hightailed it in here with little Bo after a near miss to his left hind quarter. The little guy is still shaking, but Raj is playing computer solitaire with him now. He gets a treat no matter who wins. Bo, that is, not Raj. I still hear things flying around outside, so I’ve fully engaged my trans-imaging system. If anyone opens the door, my little closet will appear empty. I’m pretty sure we’ll be ok, but I think we’re stuck in here till morning. I hope little Bo doesn’t get all wee-weed up.

bo obama2

We’re decided to hunker down for the night, deep inside my super secret closet. You all get a good nights sleep. We’ve still got a lot of work to do. I heard Big Guy and Lady M talking. They’re thinking of changing the Constitution while Nancy and Harry are still breathing.