Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We’re Ba-raack

Yes, we’re back from our dream vacation on Big Guy’s isle of official birth.




Dressed for a funeral, I guess, but so far we haven’t announced whose. I think we’re just trying to keep it low key, after what some in the non supportive media are referring to as our extravagant island adventure while the rest of America is just squeaking by.

So I suppose it’s not a good time to mention that we are wearing our custom thigh-high French boots:


But it really is cold here, and they’re the only good thing about being back in Washington. Not that news stopped while we were lazing around in the surf. In fact, historic news continued to be made. No, not the undie-bomber. I’m talking about the historic appointment of the first transgendered person to a real important federal position. Some of course, would question whether that honor belongs to Mr/Ms Simpson. 232x152

But Bruno said that she will not be disputing the title. In a further statement, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano stated that she felt aManDa Simpson’s appointment showed that the system worked perfectly. If by “perfectly” you mean our first, historic transgendered re-assignment was not accomplished with the use of exploding underpants.