Friday, January 8, 2010

The Buck Does Stop Here

Let me make this perfectly clear: the office of the President of the United States of America is NOT, repeat, NOT to be used for commercial purposes.

That’s why we’re so upset about the giant billboard in Times Square (right above a Red Lobster restaurant – that’s just delicious on so many levels). It’s a picture of Big Guy in his Weatherproof jacket at the Great Wall of China. It looks a lot like a flak jacket, which came in handy this past week. And apparently it worked pretty well, as Big Guy has been able to deflect all blame for a hole in our security system large enough to fly a 747, on it’s way into a building, through.

But never mind that, don’t you think BO’s looking positively studly? Lady M has to beat back would-be potential suitors nearly every day. And that’s just the MSNBC crowd.

weatherproof-obama-jacket-010710-lgI particularly like the tag line “A Leader In Style”, but Toes says it cheapens the brand, and has to go.


Seriously, when this official Big White picture was released, our MSM buddies started drooling. Prior to the O’s arrival, they could only dream of being this close to such complete coolness.

I say stick an Absolut martini in his hand, and we’ve got the girls college educations at the ivy league college of their choice paid for, with change left over for a few designer togs.

But I know, I know. It cheapens the office to use the presidency for commercial purposes. And we’d never dream of actually doing it.

mi photoshopp michelle o photo 01CoverFinal.indd

michelle-obamas-vogue michelle.glamourmag_250x340

But believe me, we’re going to get to the bottom of this. We’re going to determine who’s responsible for this systemic breakdown of anti-commercialism,and Big Guy’s going to demand a sustained effort to contain it.

familyPortrait The O’s: Repping Peace (at any price), (social) Justice and the (un) American Way since 2008


Note: I’m on another special assignment this weekend that I’m not permitted to discuss right now. But it requires a cross-country trip by land (air security being what it is and all) so my posting on all things Big White related may be a bit spotty for the next few days. I understand they don’t have access to the Interweb at all of the truck stops along the Interstate. But don’t worry, I’ll fly back to Washington if any thing big breaks.