Sunday, January 10, 2010

And I Thought Nebraska Was the “N” Word

Well, here I am on the road in the heartland.


I sure wish I was flying. It’s so fricken cold here that my lenses are constantly icing up, which makes it impossible for me to use my magical powers to deflect reality into something softer and more palatable. Maybe that’s why all these people in fly-over are such stubborn realists. Anyway, it’s a good thing Lady M is back at the Big White. I don’t think she’d like the way she would appear in this part of the world.


And speaking of the BW: I’ve been tweeting TOTUS and he reports that they are all wee-weed up about Harry Reid’s latest kerfuffle. Apparently he’s been quoted in someone’s new book predicting that Big Guy could win the Presidential election because he was “light-skinned”  and didn’t speak with a “Negro dialect.” I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, Toes, Ax-man and Oz suspected it all along and it turns out they were right.

But Toes and everyone else at the BW are just relieved. Finally, something juicy to get the Fruit of Ka-boom bomber off the front page, and give the wags something to talk about other than Big Guy’s response (and lack there-of).

harry r

So thanks Harry, you have proven yourself a loyal Ohadist in our new State Religion of Peace. You will be rewarded not only for this selfless act of career suicide, but also for detonating your own career implosion by  delivering our health care takeover plan.

You will be enshrined in the official Reid Hall of Fame: so far there’s Richard Reid, the shoe-bomber and now Harry: the N-word bomber. In addition, as the first official martyr, you will receive your 72 sheckles, to be used in exchange for the prize of your choice at a future date, plus a giclee copy of the soon to be released painting of the Obama Icon.

o savior