Friday, January 15, 2010

Swinging Into Action

This is clearly a disaster of biblical proportions, and Big Guy has been huddling with the deciders to see if he should make an appearance to give an inspiration big read. At first they thought it would be too dangerous, too toxic, but now it looks like they’re giving Big Guy the go ahead. No, not Haiti, we’re going to Massachusetts.

Yeah, it looks like old Martha is going to need someone who walks on water to pull her to the surface if she’s going to stand a chance of winning the senate seat of the last guy who came to the surface to win.

Can you believe it? That Scott Brown is beating the pants off Marty all of a sudden. He is dreamy, but with that “R” after his name, this is a real puzzler. He’s raising money like nobody’s business, and lengthening his lead by the hour. And this, even though we’ve sent in ACORN and the SEIU purple gang (I’m going to have to speak to Michael about wearing that purple sweater under the suit coat: not a good look. And it sends the wrong message).

CoakleyFundraiser_img_assist_custom-640x427This incident where Michael Meehan knocked down a reporter from the non-supportive press who was asking embarrassing questions is a bit discomfiting. Especially given that Big Guy just nominated Mikey to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. You know, the agency that oversees our news operations like Radio Free Europe and Voice of America? Big Guy appreciates irony – probably more than most people – but still, this might not play well at Mikey’s senate hearings.

Anyway, here’s how we’re splitting up the chores around the Big White this week so nobody get’s too overloaded and cranky:  Big Guy’s handling the domestic disasters, which leaves natural foreign disasters to Lady M. She started by asking the American people for money. That pretty much seems to be the opening salvo for all of the O’s big plans.

mo do 2Lady M’s public service announcement for Haitian aid 

MO’s called a strategy session in the war room, and we’re swinging into action. I’ve just got a bad feeling about this.