Sunday, January 10, 2010

When Snarks Attack 3 Winner

This weeks Golden Flotus Award goes to … AnnieCarmel! Congratulations! What? Oh yeah, chiron actually got a few more votes:


1. AnnieCarmel:…snakes in human form”   24%

2. chiron: " …And no Menorah? No, no, no, six glow sticks, a flashlight & a lava lamp"  45%

3. bettyann:  "I'm burning all my cardigans. Right now." …  10%

4. CricketGal:  "...and he's wearing GLOVES!..."  7%

5. bettyann: "Watchout Rahmbo, for "Feats of Strength", my money's on the Wookie."  13%

You probably thought, as did I, that we were about to have our first historic double winner in chiron. But just as I was going “to press” from my undisclosed location on the road, I received a tweet from Toes, and another from Ax-man, saying that we were going to employ full Chicago rules this week. Apparently they had just received a bag of absentee ballots (all cast for AnnieC) from the Chicago Acorn office. So those votes aren’t reflected in the final tally from our official polling unit yet. But if anyone wants to review the results, they’re all stashed in a bag behind my little desk in the back of Lady M’s closet, along with the hanging chads.

And please, let’s not have an unsightly replay of that nasty business with Algore. Nobody stole the election.  I’ve been advised that it was all bought and paid for through normal channels.

In some of the previous administrations I’ve been honored to serve in, this sort of thing probably would not have been tolerated. But that’s because they never really grasped the wisdom of Obamanomics: Sometimes, you’ve just got to spread the wealth around.

So congratulations AnnieC! Don’t let the circumstances surrounding your win spoil it for you. And chiron, congratulations to you too. In Obama-nation, being number 2 is often just as good as being number 1,3, 4 or 5.

“…snakes in human form”

anniecarmel golden flotus

So thanks to all of you for participating in our contest by voting the Chicago way. And thanks to the other candidates too, for submitting your losing comments. 

(Oh and by the way – for the sake of full disclosure – I voted for AnnieC. Twice.)