Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s Not Really Complicated

I think I can tell you a little bit more about my super-secret cross-country assignment tomorrow. Until then, I thought I would pass this little gem along. I’m not even sure why this is news, but I guess the MSM were having withdrawal symptoms since Lady M went underground after the Hawaiian holiday. So they dredged this story up about one of the O’s biggest fans. Honestly, the O’s have so many groupies it’s hard to keep them straight. But some of them are so huge you just can’t help but notice. Take Meryl Streep for example. In my book she’s really a bit old to be anyone’s groupie, but aside from that, the obsequious fawning and gushing definitely throws her into the qualifying round.

The 60-year-old actress can usually maintain her composure when she meets other actors she respects but admits she was in awe of Obama - America's first black President - and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama.

She said: "I went to the Whitehouse and was star-struck by our President and First Lady. Although I was also impressed by Bruce Springsteen, who was there as well."

Streep - who can currently be seen in new romantic comedy 'It's Complicated' opposite Alec Baldwin - is fully behind President Obama and believes he is more than capable of making the right political choices for the US.

Meryl Streep in awe of Obama      Meryl Streep, in awe of the Obamas (and Bruce Springsteen)

She added: "I think it's thrilling to have someone who is thoughtful and can articulate, with a certain amount of passion and dispassion, the necessary choices that we have in the world."

Did you catch that? “passion and dispassion”?  No wonder she’s in awe of the Big Guy; they talk alike. I’ve noticed that a lot of our groupies seem to belong to that mutual admiration society.

And I think you can tell from the pictures why Meryl’s such a fan of Lady M’s:


Of course, the fact that Meryl’s publicist is a good friend of another publicist who may or may not be working in the Big White, and the possibility that Meryl’s “latest movie, “It’s Complicated”, may or may not be doing as well has they’d hoped had nothing to do with this puff piece.

We’re just doing our part to kick-start the economy. And everyone knows that Hollywood is the backbone of our economy. So, why don’t you all go out and buy a ticket to see a movie? I hear “It’s Complicated” is great!