Thursday, January 7, 2010

Does This Black Hole Make My Butt Look Small?

I just got my Christmas and Happy New Year’s cards from my brother Hub today. (You can read more about Hub and me in my Bio, if you’re unfamiliar.)


Christmas Star (aka Pluto) 2009, Merry Christmas sis. xoxo, Hub







Happy New Year from the Carina Nebula! Big Celebration last night! Love, Hub







The cards are a little late, but when you’re drifting through the universe where time is measured in light years rather than election cycles and tweets, I think I should cut him some slack.

Hub’s sent many fabulous pictures back to earth over the years, but now some scientists at Villanova have used his research and photos to conclude that the end of the world is at hand, due to exploding supernovas. But Hub says not to worry. Just like the global warming alarmists, these pin-heads don’t know what they are talking about either.

So rest well tonight:  Doomsday is not at hand after all. Oh, and Hub says you might want to invest in some Pendletons, Snuggies and Uggs. It looks like our sun’s solar flares may be going on sabbatical for a few years. According to inter-galactic lore, that means we’re in for a really, really cold decade or so.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from some of Hub’s previous outer limits communiqués.

new stars

New stars forming

eagle nubula                  starforming nebulas


Hub said he thinks Lady M would be a great advocate for the space program if I could just get her interested in it. After all, given the vastness of the universe, even the black holes would make her butt look small.


Are you feeling small yet? Go ahead, use all the double-ply toilet paper you want. I promise, the earth will somehow manage.

Perspective, people. It’s as important in science as it is in fashion.