Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashions and Felons: Just Another Day

There have been a lot of our little people in the news today.

First Maria Pinto: 

pinto maria

You remember - one of Lady M’s favorite designers before she became first lady and everyone started giving her new stuff to wear? Apparently Maria didn’t get enough from the stimulus package to offset the decline in purchases made by MO once she grew too big (metaphorically speaking) for her designs. She’s shuttering her Chicago atelier due to the downturn in retail, fashion, and – let’s face it – just about everything else related to the economy.

We’re not taking this one personally though, it’s not  like that Scott Brown affair. Maria hasn’t really been in our power rotation for a while now. We’ve only worn her on a recycled basis since we Won.  And frankly, her creations weren’t really fashion forward enough for us. Some of them, if they had fit right, actually looked a little too FLOTUS-y.

pinto red dress Red Maria Pinto, November ‘08

pinto Aqua Maria Pinto Sheath, Democratic convention

Remember, this might have been the same dress, but Maria had nothing to do with the L.L. Bean coat and radiator belt at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier (nor did I). Lady M provided all the fashion on her own.

 pinto dress mo Recycled, with Lady M style

And we have Maria to thank for exposing MO’s fabulously toned arms to the public:

pinto purple Purple Maria Pinto sheath, with Azzidine Alaia belt

Never-the-less, being thrown over all of a sudden by both Lady M and her handmaiden, Ikram, did take a toll on Maria’s psyche. She lost her touch and turned this out at last fall’s showing of her spring collection:

pinto design

Don’t worry, Maria’s applied for some emergency bailout funding and will open up shop again providing upholstery and awning services to the stars.

In unrelated news: our private Big White chef, Christeta Comerford and pastry chef Bill Yosses are going to be on Martha Stewart today,


spilling the beans on the family’s eating habits. Ha! Not really, she’s going to tell Martha that all we eat are vegetables and low fat desserts. Get this: Turkey lasagna, with spinach! And orange yogurt cake with baked apple. In your dreams baby, in your dreams.

Even Martha seemed a bit skeptical. But then, she’s a hardened felon, and you can’t fool them like you can most of the people.