Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wookie Lookies

Just a quick update from the Valentine’s party: so far we’ve had plenty of caviar, blinis, cream fraiche and champagne. I’m not sure what the main course is yet, but I’m sure it will be something healthy.

Regarding Lady M’s new fur coat, I’ve taken all of your comments (especially srdem65, who I believe has a future in fashion forward design) from the previous post into consideration. Here’s what I’ve come up with to save Big Guy’s behind, but I need some help before selecting the final reflection. We started with the basic mink (blackglama, Madame D, what else?) I couldn’t quite handle the mini with thigh-highs, even with all my powers, so it’s standard length. Sleeveless was a no-brainer: what could be more fashion forward than a sleeveless mink?

Where I need your help is with the accessories. Which complete look do you prefer? (my favorite part, the little bespoke purse goes with all 4 looks.)

 mo fur-brooch copy-text Wookie #1: classic elegance, with brooch

mo fur-boob belt copy-textWookie #2: Classic radiator boob belt

mo fur-brooch&belt copy-textWookie # 3 Fashion forward kuffiyeh BB

mo fur-complete copy-text Wookie #4 Full Ruskie

As always, Chicago rules apply. Polls close on Tuesday. I want to use this look on Wednesday when Spain’s King Juan Carlos comes to meet with Big Guy. I think it’s appropriately regal. Then on Thursday, the Dali Lama is coming over. Mo thinks something from her Chinese dynasty collection would probably be better protocol for that meeting. I tried to explain the politics of the situation to her, but she will hear none of it. I hope this doesn’t turn into another international incident.