Saturday, February 13, 2010

Did You See a Siberian Tiger, Or a Cheetah?

Unless he pulls off a miracle, Big Guy is really in the dog house. First off, Camp David “rustic” is not exactly the style Lady M had in mind for a well earned romantic Valentine’s Day date. And when she told Larry King last week that she expected the “moon, stars, and sun, honey” for the big V day, this is definitely not what she had in mind. Next time maybe Bo will be a little more specific when he asks his little people to do his shopping.

Let’s just say if he doesn’t come up with something pronto, it’s not just the Republicans who are going to be wiping the floor with him next year.

I’m doing my best to help him out, but he did drag us up here into the woods, and aside from Pajama-grams and 1-800-FLOWERS I don’t think you can get delivery on very much today. I did get brother Hub to send me a couple of images that I thought Big Guy might use in lieu of a Valentine’s card (which he forgot to have his little people pick out and sign for him, so by my count that’s a full 3 strikes). They’re not exactly the moon, stars and sun, but a pretty good facsimile.

halloweeen fairies hs-1999-19-i-web


I thought any one of them, framed and signed by Hub himself, might impress, but Big Guy say’s if he can’t get his hands on some ice, he’s going to be handed his you-know-what. Ice shouldn’t be too hard. It looks a lot like outer Siberia around here


Hey! Maybe a nice fur coat! If we re-cycled, I don’t see how even PETA could complain.

fur-coat-black-and-white1 I think I could work with this

I know Lady M said she doesn’t wear fur, but that was before Snow-bama-geddon. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her wear cheetah before so I don’t think it’s one of her iron clad positions, like eating healthy.

hallow surprise