Monday, February 8, 2010

Win One For the Lipper

slide_1195_18382_large Lady M  in the green room going over some game day plans with the organic vegetable carvers

Finally, something to celebrate around here. Big Guy’s team won the Super Bowl!  OK, technically Big Guy predicted a Colts victory, but both BO and MO  were rooting for the Saints. And they even found a way to make their underdog status George  W. Bush’s fault.

Obama said the Indianapolis Colts "probably have to be favored"because of star quarterback Peyton Manning but he was partial to the underdog New Orleans Saints, largely due to the devastation that city suffered in Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

And here’s more good news: David Plouffe is back to help Big Guy with some of the prickly legislative items!  He designed our bifurcated Super Bowl  party buffets: 1) the standard greasy buffalo wings, pizza and nachos, pitted against 2) the super-slim, super healthy, super smart buffet consisting of organic veggies artfully carved into little green footballs.

But before he got to party with the cabinet and congressional delegates in the giant TV den, Big Guy had to play kissy face with Katie super interview He told her he’s got everything under control. He’s going to talk to Republicans ‘tah’ get their ideas for how to solve the health care problem. I’ll bet he wishes he had thought of that at last years Super Bowl party.

But a health care summit! At the White House! Lady M is very excited. We can pass out our toxic organic veggies and sugar filled goodie bags.

We’re thinking of having a Big White summit with the R-words regarding the deficit too. But first they have to promise to cancel the foreclosure plans.