Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let’s Get Those Happy Feet Moo-ving

In preparation for the kickoff of our childhood obesity campaign, we’ve spent the last 3 days in hair and makeup; in addition we also spent hours in body wraps and practicing ingress and egress drills for our new industrial Spanx. So we looked extra sharp on GMA, where Lady M proclaimed her love for burgers and fries. There’s breaking news. Anyway, just chalk having to give them up for organic Wagyu beef sliders and truffled pommes frites as one more sacrifice MO has made for her country.

For the appearance, MO wore one of her most elegant white sheath dresses with a matching elegant classic jacket.


If you look closely, you’ll see just how fashion forward Lady M truly is: in lieu of other embellishments, she chose her buff colored thigh-high pole dancer boots to accessorize. Wow!  MO rocks! For those of you who thought they were anti-embolism socks, all I can say is get a subscription to Style.

But this campaign is really all about the children. (And the SEIU and the major suppliers of school lunches, like Sodexo. Because remember, this is going to be one of our administration’s signature “partnerships.” Just like back in Chicago.) But you can watch the whole video if you want. You’ll see it really is all about the children. Oh, did I already mention that? I just didn’t want you to forget. So grab a sugary soda, a bag of chips and a few cookies to enjoy while watching: after all, we’re not children.