Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow-Bama-Geddon: Let’s Moove!

Yesterday was a nightmare of costume changes: Anti-Fat-Kids task force in the morning:



“Let’s Move ” official kick-off in the afternoon with and without props:



mo boys

Than we had a great Larry King interview in the Evening:

FireShot capture #009 - 'First lady on health care_ 'Doing nothing ___ not an option' - CNN_com' - edition_cnn_com_2010_POLITICS_02_09_lkl_michelle_obama


 "When you like people, having a job where you get to interact with folks on a day-to-day basis and you get to do things that make a difference -- it's not a bad gig." The operative term here is “ when you like people”.

On how the president deals with criticism: "You know, he doesn't get down easily. He gets very focused and very serious when he's facing a challenge. But, you know, the thing about Barack is that he stays humble and keeps things in perspective.”  Operative word “humble”

Does the president ever get mad?

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, yes.

KING: Angry, angry?

MRS. OBAMA: Oh absolutely. But...

KING: Ticked off?

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, yes. Yes, he's human. You know, if you prick him, he'll bleed. Operative word “prick”.

Mrs. Obama added: "We talked about wanting a stable, consistent leader.” Operative term, “talked about”.

Unemployment and the president: "Until the unemployment numbers go down, I don't think my husband is satisfied. ... You know, a lot was saved with the stimulus.” Operative term: “a lot was”, note we’re no longer calling them “jobs”. “And again, you know, it's -- it's hard to tell people who are hurting that things could have been worse if we hadn't done what we've done." Operative term: “it’s hard”. Oh my, yes. We know how hard it is for you all.

Regarding the upcoming Valentine's Day:

KING: What do you expect? Roses? Chocolates?

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, I expect the moon the stars and the sun, honey. Operative term… well, I think you get the picture.

The whole wonderful day was capped by an evening of Civil Rights Music in the Big White. This was originally scheduled for tonight, but we had to move it to last night because there’s another Snow-Bama-Geddon on the way. Not good, because we like to parcel out our public appearances on a daily basis in order to cover every news cycle without having to repeat. But sometimes something bigger than even our wishes and plans stand in the way of achieving our objectives. Like tea parties.

crystal and lace

Because of all the black on black, I need to zoom in to show you the exquisite detail of the black lace, sparkly sheer sleeves and crystal neckgear. Oh, and the self-belting semi-bodice.

crystal and lace

The concert was swell,everyone enjoyed locking arms and swaying to the oldies. But a lot of the old civil rights singers don’t really sing so much as they warble and hum along with the music. Although those Black Mississippi Blind Boys can still belt it out like nobody’s business. And Bob Dylan was here too.

Everyone had a very good time, but the pre and post concert snacks weren’t anything to write home about. I guess we didn’t want to be criticized for serving high caloric food on the very day of our anti-fat-kids kick off. We’ll have to wait till today.  I hope they bring Paula Deen back, now that lady knows how to make treats.

Magnolia Lace Trumpets with Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling


It was a day of heavy lifting for both of the O’s.(Big Guy pulled an impromptu press conference at a press briefing where Gibbsy performed some stupid people tricks. It was great fun.)

But I’ll share a little secret with you, some of yesterdays optics? We did it with mirrors.