Friday, February 19, 2010

McQueen is Dead. Long Live our Queen

I’m sure you all know that it’s Fashion Week in New York. We can’t really get into it this year, as we’re still mourning the loss of the talented Alexander McQueen. In his honor, Lady M wore one of his uglier more unusual blouses yesterday when she held court with 10 poor children from the London borough of Islington.

The children all won an essay contest for Black History Month, and were rewarded with a trip to the United States, and a special Big White meeting with MO. We are extending our gracious mentoring skills all the way across the pond now. I do worry that Lady M might be stretching herself too thin (metaphorically speaking) with all these additional needy children. Here’s a little of the inspirational message that she delivered to the kids, who were enthralled:

I tell my kids that this is practice for the rest of your life, because you don't wake up and become the person that you are (You need the Chicago machine to make that happen). President Obama didn't wake up to become who he is (Huh?). It was a lot of practice early on, of getting things done.(Huh?) You're going to slip and fall and trip along the way.(Watch out for the Cocaine! That could be a hard trip and fall.) He certainly did. I did a little less than he did. (You see, the President does have some flaws, unlike me. That’s why his poll numbers are going down and mine aren’t.)

Each lucky winner also got one of our new Big White Goody Bags: organic prune fruit leather made with organic plums that were allowed to drop from the trees naturally rather than being plucked brutally from their limbs while still in their prime. Organic Hubbard squash seeds from the organic garden that have been lightly roasted and tossed with a teaspoon of honey from our own very busy bees, a copy of the popular Fast Food Calorie Counter:


And, a foldable life sized cardboard cut out of Lady M. Personally, I think the kids are going to have a lot of trouble getting this stuff through Security for the flight back to Britain. Especially the Prune Leather.

But no matter, they will have their memories, which will last a life time. Let’s hope they’re all good.

Sahar Abdulrahman gets hugged by Lady M Sahar Abdulrahman

Degol Tesfai shakes hands with MOmcQueen degik tesfai

Curtly Mejias practices taking orderscurtly mejias

I seldom notice these things, but it appeared that most of the students who won the essay contests were Muslims.

FireShot capture #010 - 'BBC News - Islington pupils meet US First Lady Michelle Obama' - news_bbc_co_uk_2_hi_uk_news_england_london_8523087_stm

I don’t know if that was just a coincidence, or if that’s what we ordered.