Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wookie Lookie Winner !!!

The polls are closed, the results are in and the winner is:


mo fur-complete copy-text


I was a little surprised. I thought maybe it was our time to return to the classics, given that we’re now into year two of our historic recession, but apparently I read that all wrong. The polls don’t lie. Our campaign team reviewed the results and gave us their analysis: Ax-man said the Full Ruskie represents “change we can believe in” and “hope for the future of fashion”, and Toes just said the Ruskie “kicked a@@”.

I’m just an amateur at this “getting behind the numbers” stuff, but it seems to me that with fully 90% of you voting for a Wookie with a belt, it’s a little too early to retire that accessory completely. Sorry.

I want to thank our historic administration’s millions of loyal fans who took the time to vote over, and over again. It proves that democracy can work even if FOX News is still on the air.

We’re also poll-testing another historic first for our historic second year (can you believe it? Year 2 already!). This one is not as fashion forward as the radiator belts were, but I think it makes a statement. What do you think?

Pick The Stamp Champ

full mo castro  copy

Fidel Castro

full mo castro theater copy

Castro Theater

full mo che copy


full mo cher copy


full mo marx-1 copy

Karl Marx

full mo groucho marx copy

Groucho Marx

full mo lenin-2  copy


full mo j lennon copy


full mo your message copy

And honestly, the possibilities are limitless. Rahmbo is really excited, because he thinks this will really help get our message out in advance of 2012.  Again, I’m pretty new at this election numbers stuff, but it seems to me we’ve already got our message out there a little too far.