Thursday, February 18, 2010


You’ve probably already read Madame DeFarge’s comment that I forgot about the architect of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong. Not exactly.

full mo mao copyThis excellent tat was nixed by Ax-man because he thought it would be used by the trolls at FOX News to dredge up that old “Mao is Anita Dunn’s favorite philosopher” crap. Also, there are far too many similarities between our HOPE & CHANGE and that Cultural Revolution thing to move our poll needle in the right direction.

That wasn’t the only stamp censored placed on hold by our historic On-Message Team:

full mo stalin copy Stalin: won WW2 (per Chuck Schumer) and let us take the credit

full mo attila copyAttila, NOT vegan. Or organic.

full mo mr t copy Mr T: I thought for sure they’d go for the king of bling.


full mo biden copy Joey:He might have made the cut if he could keep his yap shut

full mo peewee copy PeeWee: We didn’t want anyone to get all wee-weed up

full mo nefertiti copyNefertiti: NO-BOD-Y upstages Lady M

full mo pancho villa copy Sorry Pancho, they said amnesty for illegal immigrants immigration reform isn’t on the agenda until our historic 3rd year


full mo motus copy Losing this one hurt a little bit.

full mo mussolini copyMussolini:This guy was a fascist, right?

full mo BO Did I mention that NO-BO-DY upstages Lady M?


full mo Bo copy Bo was in until Rhambo stepped in  a Bo-nut in the Oval.