Monday, February 22, 2010

Governors In the Fast Lane

I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a gag order out on pictures of Lady M at last night’s Governor’s Ball. So far the only one to escape is this:

dinner blackBut don’t worry, although it does have black hairy things on it, it’s not the same furry black dress we wore to the Black Caucus dinner last fall.

bc dinner09

The president congratulated the governors for “helping to right the ship” during these difficult economic times. He said governors couldn't afford to be overly ideological because "the rubber hits the road with you." As opposed to Washington, where all the rubber is used to bounce the blame around and all roads lead to the Federal Reserve. (and TOTUS, for future reference: that’s rubber MEETS the road.)

But more important: the pre-dinner talent preview event with music students from Myrtilla Minor School:

myrtilla miner kids

Where, good news, the boob belt is back!

black mini

In all its strangely positioned awkwardness.

awkwardly positioned bb

But how about those gams?

gams galore

Oh yah, we’re back, and we’re ready to kick butt. So stand aside Rahmbo. Lady M might just take over the health care debate.