Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Part of “Politically Correct” Do We Not Get?

The other day  Don Surber, via American Digest, actually suggested that Lady M might choose this gown for our next Big White formal affair:

capt_2f4d11c4c02b4925b4a96e27529db432_spain_fashion_do122Now it could well be that Mr. Surber is a fashion expert, but I’m afraid he doesn’t know very much about political correctness (which surprises me, due to the nature of his very popular blog).

For starters, this dress is a little derivative of Mother Ginger’s costume in Balanchine's Nutcracker:


And need I mention that Mother Ginger is frequently portrayed by a cross-dressing male dancer in blackface? And then there’s that business of all the little polichinelles (aka Ginger Snaps or Bon Bons) running out from under her giant skirt. Really, how many minority groups does he want us to offend at the same time?

So let’s just leave the art of the dance to Toes, and Lady M’s costuming to the professionals, OK?

On the plus side, it would make MO’s butt look small.