Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Runway Reconciliation Bill

We’ve had a dozen of our little people out scouting the New York, London and Paris fashion shows for weeks now. We need a few new, fresh ideas for next season. MO’s already tired of the sheath silhouette, and frankly all of you out there cat-calling it the “Jackie No”  look are not helping much.

Our budget is a little strained, due to an unscheduled maintenance over at the Federal Reserve. Apparently those presses weren’t designed to run around the clock. But Big Guy did say that if we get our trillion dollar health care bill passed, Lady M can get any new fashions she wants, because it will just get lost in the rounding.

So here are just a few ideas our little fashionistas have come up with to make Lady M look mah-velous next year in a decidedly NOT JACKIE way:

boob and ammo beltsSomething for our next Medal of Honor ceremony: inappropriate AND full ammo belt: a little edgy, but ironic

gwen stefani I’m not sure about this one: I told them a corset might be a good idea, but I was thinking of something a bit more traditional. Like, under the clothes? But I think Lady M will like the belt.


palinesque palinesque2

The two above I thought we might just want to have in the closet in case we have to go head-to-head with Sarah Palin some day. Otherwise, I think Toes would enjoy getting them as hand-me-downs.

organic garden hat

This is just the perfect organic gardening hat outfit








But here’s my favorite: the pièce de résistance. Does this not work on so many levels? Multi-colored, multi-patterned, and recycled from an old afghan! And we can have the Big White seamstress take those sleeves off to showcase our ever popular bi’s and tri’s.


I think that’s a wrap. Oh! Except there is this little Dorothy Lamour redux number for our next wonderful exotic island get-away:

dorothy lamourA perfect 10!

I sure hope Big Guy can get his my-partisan Health Care Bill rammed through. These designs are going like hotcakes.