Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair Recovery Act of 2010

Organic veggies in the cold frame aren’t the only things around the Big White that have been growing under cover for the last few months.  new weaveUnveiling the winter-overed (or in this case “undered”) hair growth

Lady M popped her lid Monday to reveal her own personal hair recovery act of 2010. Oh sure, we had to have a major league weave, but technically we can claim it’s 100% organic. Like the veggies.

With the summer coming on fast here in D.C., we had to do something to get out from under that suffocating turban of beautiful East Indian hair. All that sun during the Springroll nearly fried her bean.

Personally, I’m not sure the swept back look is the best way to go with the botoxed forehead and Vulcan brows, but to each her own. We didn’t want to draw too much attention to the new hair since it’s not, well, all it can be yet. So as a diversion, we wore an interesting ensemble of multiple prints and geometrics in black, white and blue that was, well, really more than it should have been. But interesting. In a postmodern way.

black white blue

It looks better standing up, I think:

b and w 2

The hair that is, not the outfit.

The event was a townhall meeting with student reporters in the State Dining Room to discuss, what else, No Child’s Fat Behind. But I didn’t really see any child’s fat behind.

Frankly I hadn’t been too excited about Lady M’s anti-fat kids program until I read Dewey’s expose on Global Densification. Now I see how critical all this extra mass really is. But even so, compared to Big Guy’s single-handed execution of the unilateral nuclear disarmament of the United States, I’m back to thinking it’s not really that big of a deal.