Monday, April 5, 2010

MO and BO’s Eggs-cellent Adventure

It’s a wrap. The Spring Eggroll that is. Sorry I couldn’t report earlier, but with all the people, all the cameras, the bright sun, the white slacks and silver shoes – I got a double migraine: both hard drives. It was brutal, but I’m feeling better now.


By all accounts this was the best Eggroll ever. Unprecedented, actually. For one reason, this is the first year we sent the kiddies home with wooden eggs in place of candy filled plastic eggs from China. Here’s the most popular one:



Purple, with Big Guy’s signature, uh, signature: Big B, Big O. And Lady M’s too, below in smaller letters. Not a big deal though, that’s just how they came back from the Mexican factory.

Anyway our theme this year was, of course, No Child’s Fat Behind. So in addition to the traditional Spring Eggroll, we had lots of running games: basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, yoga and hula hoop, (natch). Did I mention we invited 30,000 lucky Americans to attend our Eggroll? All running around on the South Lawn in the sun. What a good idea.


Basketball with Big Guy

yawn Lady M’s reading of Green Eggs and Ham was a big hit with the crowd,  although not as big a hit as last year when Big Guy read “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Not that this is a competition or anything.

where the wild things are









Then the Marine band played the National Anthem:

natl anthem


sasha switch

Here is Big Guy  helping the wee wee Won switch up to put her right hand over her heart.  Heh, that little Sasha, she still has that left-right confusion thing going on. I tell her not to worry, it runs in the family and eventually she’ll get used to being a lefty. It looks like Malia is going to be more of a moderate though.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our historic second annual Spring Eggroll. Lady M, in a nod to Gaia, summed the whole day up: "Let's say thank you to Mother Nature!"