Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Work of the Fashion Forward is Never Done

Boy, fighting obesity has almost turned into a full time job for Lady M. It’s a good thing she has so much experience in this area and can do it pretty much on cruise control now. Because otherwise it could really begin to negatively impact her day job: World-Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ 

more new hair1

Yesterday Lady M met with the whole No Fat Child’s Behind obesity task force. Geeze, talk about a bunch of dweeby wonks. And, not to be mean or anything, but aside from the king of the geeky wonks, Peter Orszag, this anti-fat group carries a lot of weight, and I’m not speaking metaphorically.




 Peter Orszag from the Office of Management and Budget: this is what Big Guy thinks a smart guy looks like


Regina Benjamin: this is what a Surgeon General looks likeregina-benjamin-240bs072009

I’m not quite clear on what the purpose of the meeting was, but Lady M kicked it off and it sounded really important. Next, Petey O  showed off his knowledge of behavioral economics (the fact that everyone there knew what behavioral economics is tells you about everything you need to know.) Then Surgeon General Regina B noted that corporations should provide female employees with a clean and private place to breast-feed because, she said, research has shown that children who are breast-fed for the first six months of their lives are less likely to become obese.Who knew! And here’s good news: someone on some Congressman’s staff was totally up to speed on this critical research (that I’m certain is backed up by a first rate epidemiological study) because someone already stuck that requirement in the Obamacare Bill. I actually think this could be a real win-win for Starbucks.

And then, the best part – breakout sessions for brainstorming! Yippee! Who doesn’t like a good brainstorm? Plus, we got to leave at that point, because brainstorming is really busy work for the little people.

So while we left the wonks back at the ranch to work out the details of No Child’s Fat Behind on their own, we were off to the Pentagon to thank our military personnel and to remind them of all of the wonderful things that Big Guy’s administration has done for them. Although I don’t think they have a clean and private place for female Pentagon employees to breast-feed yet.

Such a busy day. Not even time to change our clothes. But then, it was a nice opportunity to show off our dress in the light of day, because the skirt has an odd interesting effect, fading to and gates

I suppose it could be a subtle signal to Andy Stern that our War on Fat will result in a huge increase in work for his peeps. Or it might just be fashion forward. Because Lady M’s work is never done.