Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Science for Dummies

mo and chu  Lady M and the amazing Dr. Chu. I don’t think he’s a real doctor, but he does have a degree in science!

Yesterday was the annual National Science Bowl. For some reason, Lady M was there to handle the final round of questions, and give the kids a little pep talk. teams These kids are all crazy-smart

This is what she told these junior astrophysicists about a career in science or math:

This is the profession that has done it in so many ways: creativity, discipline, teamwork, problem-solving and a whole lot of hard work. That’s what it takes to make change. You’ve worked so hard, and again the president and I — and he is fully aware that I am here. I went over some of the questions with him. He didn’t know many of the answers, but that’s O.K. Neither did I.

I’m not sure that advertising the combined ignorance of POTUS and FLOTUS was the best way to impress these science whiz kids, but they were all very polite. They were probably more impressed with Dr. Stephen Chu, U.S.Energy Secretary. After all, he  discovered a secret way to stop global warming in  “Dr. Chu’s Great Whitewash Caper.”

On another front, I know some of you were concerned about Lady M trading in her wedding ring last Saturday night for something a bit, well, gaudier. You can relax. The original cheap large diamond wedding set is back where it belongs:

wedding ring

And as you can see, along with her understated gray suit she also wore a lovely… beady - swirly…thingy on her lapel. Newsbird has a close up, if you’ve had your coffee. I guess the simple, straight lined pant suit was a little too plain for our fashion forward FLOTUS. Come to think of it, it does look a bit like a uniform from the midnight shift in the emergency room.