Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea and a Lot of Sympathy

Dateline: secret field training site in fly-over country

My field mission assignment certainly came at a busy time for Lady M. We dropped into a 3g safe spot late last night, and I see on my iPhone (which Lady M doesn’t know how to use. I’ll have to have Raj help her out.) that Lady M had a very heavy schedule yesterday: 3 events, 2 outfits, 2 hair styles (1 wig). All I can do is send along a few of the images I found. Sorry I can’t help too much with the commentary, but I’ll pass on what I saw and was told by those who were there. I’m going in semi-reverse order, because I don’t want you keeling over before your morning java. So here’s Lady M going to dinner with Big Guy. at KOMI on Dupont Circle.

dinner komi

Here’s Lady M at the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum 16th Annual National Issues Conference in Washington. The group’s title gives you a little heads-up about what the dress she wore looked like.

dem natl comm wmns leader forum 

You know you’re in trouble when the best the worshipful Mrs. O site can muster is:

 “Her three-quarter length sleeve dress combines a floral top and graphic plaid skirt, brought together at the waist in a twist. The first lady is on a bold style streak as of late. My sense is that this particular look may be a bit polarizing in that it challenges convention. Does anyone recognize the designer?.”

Allow me translate: WTF?!!

But let me be the first to say something nice: at least her knobby knees aren’t showing.

And I think Lady M’s fashion forward, youthful flair is even starting to wear off on Dr. Jill

dr jillDr. Jill, laughing behind Lady M’s back 

Then, the Tea Party. What a bummer – I was so disappointed that I was going to miss a rally at the the Big White with Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin and Victoria Jackson. But as I scanned through the Big White press release and pictures, I see that I had that all wrong.

Just another one of the O’s “events'” to honor “real Americans.”  In this case Moms. They invited  Anne and Susan Eisenhower, Tricia Nixon Cox – there haven’t been that many Republicans in the Big White in months – and Rosalynn Carter. As well as a lot of little people. tea 

I’m all about honoring Mom’s  - even Lady M’s, although she won’t give me the time of day – it’s just that I thought we were having a REAL Tea Party.

Silly me. That would have been like falling down the rabbit hole.