Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Came For the Waters: I Was Misinformed

Well we’ve been here in Florida for over 2 hours now, so that’s about 1/3 of the time we’ve allotted for this nano-vacay. Haven’t hit the Gulf or the Golf yet, butt I expect we will soon. Wee Won-1 lucked out and is still at her sleep-away camp, so she’ll miss the photo-op marination in the Gulf.

We chose blue with big bows for our historic arrival (MO shall return), with our spring growth pulled into our signature topnot out back, an armload of plastic bracelets, paired up with our comfortable, Big Guy embiggening, chartreuse flats. Talk about fashion forward, who else would pair Royal Dutch blue with chartreuse? Really, I want to know.

100428-hot-air2First stop was a Coast Guard station, where Big Guy confirmed that he had plugged the damn hole, assured the whole world he was on the job:

“I made a commitment in my visits here that I was going to stand with you not just until the well was closed, and not just until the oil was cleaned up, but until you have fully recovered from the damage that's been done...”

You Big Guy-O-philes will note that he said he was going to “stand with” them, not “grab a mop and help clean up the mess.” And from what I’ve seen, there’s still some cleanup needed.

alg_florida_tar_balls Tar Balls – Not BoNuts

We let “Cheesy Chuckie” Crist share the stage with us for a moment, because he ditched his old R-word pals and promised to call Big Guy  “the Gulf’s savior.” But just like everything else that has been handed to him on a platter, Chuckie botched it and just said “God bless him.”

We all gasped a bit when BO deemed the Gulf waters “"clean, safe and open for business." I’m not sure if by that he means open for our business (oh Lord, please don’t let it mean that! ), or if that gives us a pass. I’m guessing it’s the later, because what could be better than having the Won deem the waters to be pure? Besides, plenty of opportunities for photo-ops elsewhere.

Motorcade is waiting, and we’ve only got another few minutes left in our dream vacation in the Gulf.

Bye for now.



Pressing question of the day: what kind of containment system did we use?