Thursday, August 12, 2010

Performance Reviews: Clowns to the Left of Me

It looks like the constantly chattering heads have finally put our well-deserved Spanish vacay behind them. I credit Ms.NBC’s Ed Shultz for zippin’ the lips of these nattering nabobs of negativity. My reliable source, Thomas Charles Stewart III, Tweeted me this Newsbusters report on “Sgt Shultzie’s” outrage:

“... absolutely disgusting ... I've never, ever seen a story like this where the first lady is criticized... but she's not on the golf course 119 times the way John Boehner is...”

Huh? He’s never seen first ladies criticized?  Or used as the butt of inappropriate jokes? And who is it that plays a lot of golf? Sheeze Shultzie - a guy in your line of business should spent a little more time keeping up with the blogs.

CHANGE OF TOPIC: Finally a bit of good news around here:

First Lady Michelle Obama, despite her controversial jaunt to Spain last week, remains one of the country’s most-popular political figures. Half of Americans feel positively about her, while 19% feel negatively. . . She is more well-liked than her husband (by a four-point margin), the tea party movement (by a 20-point margin), the GOP (by 26 points), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (by 29 points).

1_27_10 Lady M: more loved than Fancy Nancy and Tea Parties

And now I think you can add Gibbsy to the list of people she’s more popular than. Whew! The “Hard” Left is all over him for his “inartful” (which is to say “honest”) comments about them being unreasonable, unrealistic and bothersome. And don’t worry, despite Alan Grayson’s “inartful” comment that Gibbsy “is in so far over his head he’d have to reach up to touch his shoes” Bobby’s not going anywhere. Nor is anyone else around here, no matter how far they have to stretch to touch their toes. So let’s just put all that to rest.

RobertGibbsGibbsy:  permanent assistant to the light-bringer

But even with all the good news, I’ve just got to ask:WTH is this?! In the HuffPo, of all places!!!

First we have someone talking out of school:

The Obama team determined that if her image were not changed she would become a dangerous liability to the then presidential candidate. The campaign needed to quash the spreading frame of Michelle as an "angry black woman" and do it fast.

Next we get an expose on Lady M’s transformative process:

Michelle Obama underwent a painstaking transformation to recreate her image. She not only successfully shed the "angry black woman" descriptor, but she became the modern day Jackie O. Michelle O. actually seemed to surpass the qualities of Jackie O. Not only was she feminine and smart, but she also had a firm grasp on the realities and hardships of everyday Americans because she herself had experienced them. The success of her recrafting was such that even her gaffe about "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country ... " was forgotten in the happy, feel-good, Gap-chic image that was established.

 having a really bad day Lady M, modern day Jackie O, no longer angry

Regarding that last part, about her being “proud of my country” for the first time: I can reliably report that there are still a few MOL’s out there who have definitely not forgotten about it (and you know who you are).

And then, whoever this crank reporter is,  goes on to criticize our MO:

…The Spanish vacation together with the current Martha's Vineyard outing provide too much fodder for the stereotypes of Democrats as latte-drinking out of touch elites…

Where ever would that image come from?




and she continues…

All extremes are bad, but in the current economic and political climate it seems that the tough as nails image rather than the champagne and caviar image would better serve the First Lady and her extended partisan family. The First Lady of the United States flubbed and will either drop off as a role model or have to undergo a transformation yet again to return her to the Michelle O. the United States and the world fell in love with.

Well, I can tell you there will be no “dropping off as a role model” tolerated. We pretty much own the copyright on that. So I guess we’re just going to have to live through another transformative stage. It’s a good thing Lady M remembered to plant her butterfly garden this year. butterfly3 bomo halloween7

Apparently we’re going to be needing that metamorphosis effect again. 

                                                                                                                             halloweeen fairies

I don’t know for certain who poisoned the well with this leak, but I have strong suspicions as to who’s behind this latest hatchet job on Lady M. That’s right. Desi. She’s back in “circulation” if you catch my drift. And we all know how she is with those loose lips of hers.

desi2 Desi, at home amidst the stars

And one final item, on the governing front, Big Guy signed another ginormous stimulus-lite bill yesterday, which will, in part, pay to keep at least 160 thousand teachers employed! And here’s why it was necessary, from Big Guy himself:

“In a single generation, we’ve fallen from first place to twelfth place in college graduation rates for young adults. ”

Maybe that’s because they can’t read. Or write. Or add, subtract, multiply or divide. But I’m sure the 160 thousand teachers’ jobs that we’ve created or saved are not the ones responsible for that.

H/T Thomas Charles Stewart III and BillH