Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Royal Flush

What a disappointment. I was so looking forward to the party with Zorro and the desperate Eva Longoria.

Unfortunately – and despite the fact they  begged Lady M to attend – we opted for a quiet dinner with friends far from the madding crowd. Go figure. Usually Lady M loves these affairs. I think it had something to do with a dispatch from our pollsters back in Washington indicating that the whole royalty/opulence thing was beginning to wear a bit thin with the little people. Besides, our feet were killing us after walking all over that damn Moorish King’s palace. The last thing we needed was another endless receiving line of gushing celebrities and wannabees.

b4and afterWhat the heck, as long as we’re letting it all hang out, lets wear our sneakers too. H/T Jules

So we just had a low key dinner of caviar, foie gras, lobster medallions and ice cream. And that was just the tapas selection.

Anyway, missing the Starlite Special wasn’t that big of a deal. Today we dined with real royalty: King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia.

royals The Royals. With King Carlos and Queen Sofia

Her wee-ones joined Sasha at the children’s table:

princess letizia prince Felipe leonor and Sofia Easter massPrincess Letizia with her wee ones, Sofia and Leonor at Easter Mass

That’s a pretty good looking family. Unlike the Brit’s Royals. It supports the wisdom of marrying outside the family, say, every 2nd or 3rd generation. And I hope this doesn’t sound racist, but I can’t help but notice that they’re not all peoples-of-color like our Mexicans.  We’re probably not going to enjoy Majorca very much.

the royal butt The Royal butt, looking pretty good! Marked with a bow so as not to be missed.

Per Lady M’s instructions, I packed up all the gifts she brought for presentation to the Royal family:

  • A brick from Park 51, the only non-historic building on the entire block of Park Place, the site of the  future Cordoba House and Mosque in New York. It’s  named in honor of the original Cordoba Mosque, Spain’s most famous landmark commemorating the Muslims conquest of the Iberian peninsula in honor of the religion of peace.
  • A dozen jars of Ricky Bayless’ famous La Frontera Grill sauces, including the special Mole sauce we served at the Big White’s Mexican State dinner
  • An 8x10 glossy of Lady M’s first Vogue cover
  • And of course, our standard iPod collection of Big Guy’s speeches, plus the now in high demand Lady M collection of “No Child’s Fat Behind” speeches.
  • Oh yes, and Sasha’s giving them a soccer ball that she scored the winning goal with.

Pretty impressive goody bag! I hope we’re not going overboard, but we don’t want to be accused of being ungracious and chintzy again. But we might have been a bit hasty with that brick from Park 51.

feeling the love Are you feeling the love?