Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Settles In to His “New Normal” World

We can’t even get bipartisan agreement on when to hold our bipartisan meeting with the R-words. Citing scheduling conflicts, Mitchy and Jon-Bon told Big Guy’s staffers they were unavailable for the big Bi-Par meeting on extending the tax cuts this week. But they aren’t fooling anyone, this is just a blow-off. And need I mention, we are not accustomed to that around here. Yet.

Big Guy still thinks he’s in charge of setting the agenda for the lame-duck session, and has identified his top priority acronyms:

START, a treaty with the Ruskies in which we agree to get rid of all of our nuclear weapons and they pretend to get rid of theirs. The R-words have already thrown a monkey wrench into this plan.  So it looks like BO is going to have to meet with Pootie-Po empty-handed in Lisbon this weekend.

ff%20obama%20medvedev Is it just my angle, or does this picture make these two look like little men with disproportionately large heads?


Big Guy’s second priority, the  DREAM bill will provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants brought to this country against their will as children. He also wants to throw in free tuition for a college education at the institution of their choice - in order to make up for the fact that they had to endure such long wait times in the crowded ER room while growing up.

Somewhere further down the list of lame-duck priorities is extending the Bush tax rates, or, as we like to say around here, giving tax “cuts” to the middle class. While sticking it to the rich. I suppose the R-words are going to object to that too. Fat Cats.

We did manage to squeeze in a Medal of Honor ceremony yesterday for one of the bravest and most selfless soldiers we’ve ever had the honor of receiving at the Big White. BO did the honors, even though “brave” and “selfless” are characteristics that he doesn’t have any up-close and personal experience with.

salvatoreBrave, selfless S/Sgt Salvatore Giunta, our first living Medal of Honor winner since Vietnam, receives his medal. Nearly everyone in the room was humbled.

If he did, he would have covered it in one of his first two autobiographies. Maybe he will have the opportunity to encounter them before he writes his next one.

Lady M, having recovered from her Asian jet-lag and able to – finally – squeeze into her containment system again, came out to join the ceremony and pass out her signature hugs.

Obama Medal of Honor

Imagine my relief when she showed up sans pink Cinderella slippers, toxic green heels or boob belts - and actually covered up the guns. I would like to take credit for this nearly respectable image but actually she forgot about the ceremony, and thought she was dressing to meet with the new assistant pastry chef. I will keep that in mind for future ceremonies.

Lady M was originally planning on going to Lisbon with Big Guy on Friday. Butt since she got all her Winter Holiday Shopping done in India, she’s decided to stay home and run the country instead.

middleman What do you say we just get rid of the middleman, Val?