Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Earmarks? We All Know How Sensitive Big Guy is About His Ears.

Not exactly happy town around here today.

Lady M just heard about Gibbsy telling the press that Big Guy will stay in town until Congress recesses – right through New Year’s Eve “if that’s what it takes.”

Well that’s a good one. Congress stay in town through New Year’s Eve? As if!

Never-the-less, MO’s still really ticked off that we are probably not going to get to leave for our Hawaiian vacay on Saturday as planned. To be clear, “sacrificing for the American people” does not, repeat, NOT include postponing personal vacation time.

hungry eyesDon’t even think about postponing my vacay, little man

And secondly, Gibbsy may have gotten clearance for that comment from Big Guy, but he sure as heck didn’t run it by Lady M. Need I mention this was a big mistake?

For both of them?



“I’m sorry Michelle, and I promise it will never happen again.”





Harry Reid is threatening to keep the senators working through the holidays if they don’t pass all of Big Guy’s wet dream bills before they leave for Winter Holiday. But Lady M has also threatened them if they dare postpone her Hawaiian dream. And frankly, everybody on the Hill knows that Lady M is way scarier than Harry.

icanflyBring it! 

Meanwhile, the House and Senate are busy loading up the Appropriations and “Bush Tax ‘Cuts’” bills with fresh pork hocks in order to “spread the wealth around.” Did I miss something? Aren’t those the exact two things that voters rejected in November?

Perhaps our elected officials really are tone deaf - which is ironic since this legal bribery scheme is known as “earmarks.” From “Mormon Beetles in Utah” last year to “Potato Bugs in Idaho” this year: we can’t seem to cram enough money into the coffers of those who cram money into ours. (Dewey reported on Big Guy’s opposition to eliminating earmarks last year when he pitched an earmark for soon-to-be-former Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT).)

Assuming those two bills are no-brainers, there are still a few more things on Big Guy’s Winter Holiday wish list: his DREAM act, START treaty and DON’T ASK DON’T TELL reversal.  Harry vows to keep the Senate in session until he can deliver all these packages. 

Butt just a little advice Harry, if you don’t want to find your Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire: I’d suggest you give up the Santa Claus act and send the the Senate home for Christmas recess.

50760-u-s-senator-harry-reid-looks-at-the-floor-as-first-lady-mich Harry’s been a very bad boy this year, boys and girls. How should we punish him?