Saturday, December 18, 2010

Historic Holiday Impressions

Yesterday was another historic day in our first-second historic year of our first historic presidency.

First, here’s Big Guy meeting with his Republican hostage takers.

yeah  Big Guy meets with his hostage takers, where he was forced to sign a bill extending the Bush tax cuts

stop pouting - you look worse than mitch In a light hearted moment at the signing, Big Guy does his famous Mitch McConnell impression

Earlier in the day, BO met with little school children to read them a chapter out of “My Pet Goat.”

my little goat“You kids look as bored as I am”

No word yet on whether TOTUS was on-site. Butt fortunately, NKorea did not decide to attack during the festive and historic classroom event.

Lady M spent the day filled with equally historic events. Here she is disguised as a Winter Holiday present just before presenting the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

proportions We dressed up as a festive librarian for the presentation

Later, in what was our last scheduled public appearance of the year, due to our Hawaiian Dream vacation, MO appeared at a Toy’s for Tots event doing her best Santa impression.

mo and giant santa “I want you to get rid of those Happy Meal toys, and replace them with baggies of baby carrots. Got it?”

Well, we’re going to go finish packin’ now because Lady M doesn’t believe that Harry has the holly berries to keep us here past this weekend. We’ve got our own Dream act to START, and I don’t think Harry really wants to find himself on the wrong side of our history. Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much).