Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Healthy, Hungry Free and (Jack) Booted

After another busy day of sacrificin’ for the American people, Lady M still found time for the annual reading of The Night Before Christmas at the National Children’s Medical Center. We always dress down for this event, in order to avoid scaring the sick children.


So we went with our Christmassy brown J. Crew.

and her little dog bo Little Bo and Santa Make Anything Less Scary: butt Bo wonders why Santa’s thighs are smaller than Lady M’s.

Butt for the most important part of the day we chose a swoopy, front-loaded Azzedine Alaia jersey frock in mouse gray, supported by our super-secret containment  system. We paired it up with specially made camel colored buckskin boots and a plastic fantastic flower power brooch.

swoopydress Jersey: it hangs wherever you put it

Oh, and we brought Big Guy along for the official signing of Lady M’s No Fat Kids’ Behinds bill into law because Bill Clinton wasn’t available.

tongue and broochWhoops! Our containment system is making a break for it.

Now that it’s official, the SEIU and Big Food can start cashing in on the $4.5 billion provisions. And we can stop worrying about national security! Because apparently that’s taken care of by keeping sugary drinks and salty snacks out of vending machines. That’s why it was so important to “git ‘er done” according to WaPo:

"Had I not been able to get this bill passed, I would be sleeping on the couch," (the president) said.

The first lady, laughing, replied, "Let's just say it got done."

Lady M was a bit testy, because she pretty much had to “git ‘er done” on her own, because Big Guy was too busy having Bill Clinton cut the tax deal for him.

witchesWicked witches of the East and West were on hand for the signing

Normally Lady M’s high heeled boot-sox would have been the funkiest fashion forward leg covering in the room, but that always stylish Rep. Rosa DeLauro (who obviously reads my blog for fashion advice) really upstaged her this time.

witches buckskin

Rosa’s ruby legs and slippers, left, and MO’s buttah’ yellow buckskins

Normally this would have been a good day, butt then we hear about the idiot judge in Virginia who decided that our Obamacare plan was unconstitutional. UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Are you kidding me? WE decide what’s constitutional around here, not some silly judge.