Friday, December 17, 2010

Rocks Around the Christmas Tree: What a Happy Holiday

Finally. A little Winter Holiday spirit around here. Until last night - despite dozens of Holiday trees sprinkled throughout the Big White - nobody here has been either merry or bright. This morning they’re at least merry.

Overnight, our Congress passed the brilliant “Bush Tax Cuts” bill that Big Guy personally brokered with the R-words. He was especially proud, because this is the only piece of legislation that he ever, personally, had anything to do with. Don’t get me wrong, BO prefers governing by fiat, but he has found that governing via legislation can be a lot of fun too, and people praise you for doing it. Besides, he thinks that he can rescind the “tax cuts” for the rich by fiat after the first of the year.

toocute Look at me. I’m too cute by half.

I don’t know how he’s going to feel about old Harry pulling the Holiday pork entre off the table though. Especially since it looks like the Republicans tricked him. He probably thinks that Harry just doesn’t have what it takes any more. Now that Big Guy is an experienced legislative negotiator, he would know.

As far as Lady M goes, she still has herself twisted into a knot about not leaving on vacay this Saturday as planned.

It’s OK though. In the past, this has just meant much better Winter Holiday trinkets under the tree. I know, I know: Lady M told the kids at the Children's National Medical Center that she already got her gift when Big Guy signed her “No Fat Kids’ Behinds” bill.

the eyeshaveit I’m watching your back. For now.

Butt that was before he told her they were going to have to postpone their Hawaiian holiday. It’s hard to top a $4.5 billion Winter Holiday present, but we’re going to try.

The%20Lesotho%20Promise%20Diamond%20cut%20from%20one%20stone%20of%20603%20carats_%2026%20D%20color%20stones%20in%20one%20necklace%20from%20one%20jewel Perhaps a little something to showcase those famous toned arms

Next year Lady M is going to have one of our Holiday Trees designated as the Muslim Christmas tree, and have it decorated just like the one in Abu Dhabi, with gold and precious gemstones. We might even throw in some frankincense and myrrh.

OB-LJ054_xmastr_EV_20101215120545 Shepherds visit the Abu Dhabi Christmas tree

You can see the value of multi-culturalism in holiday celebrations:

2_Emirates_Christmas_Tree_sff Here is how a proper secular “Christmas” tree should be decorated: Cartier, Harry Wilson, Tiffany and Bvlgari.