Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicago, Madison, Tripoli: Somewhere the Sun Don’t Shine

Here are two stories out of Chicago that are technically news, but everybody already knew:

1) Rahm Emanuel won his bid for Mayor! Congratulations Rhambo, now stop bothering Big Guy. We’re busy around here.

Rahmbo did make sure that he gave credit for his landside victory to Big Guy: “I couldn’t have done it without you.” No kidding. Butt now that we don’t have to worry about the Illinois returns in the next election, Big Guy can get back to fixing the economy and ensuring that the rest of the world loves us.


Completely unrelated, butt watch for a huge surge in “supporters” to show up in solidarity with the teachers in Wisconsin today, now that our job is done in Chicago.

2) Ikram is no longer Lady M’s personal shopper. The worst kept secret in Washington. Even Wikileaks had the story last December. Ever since Lady M looked reporters straight in the eye earlier this month and told them:

"nothing has changed since I've been here," regarding her fashion advisers. "I've always bought clothes from Ikram. And to the extent that - I mean, it's really nothing has kind of changed. It's kind of interesting where these stories come from, that sort of thing. I didn't do anything different. I didn't."

everyone knew that Ikram was toast, knifed by her own protégé, Meredith Koop. Although, as I pointed out at the time, Lady M’s comment was technically “mostly true” on the FactChecker scale, as nothing does seem to have changed.


I think you’ll have to agree, Koopie looks a little more like the kind of bag lady that should be stylin’  Lady M than Ikram ever did.

mededith  ikram

Koopie, left, Ikram about 100 pounds ago, right

Ikram was MO’s “how to sit like like a Chicago Power Lady” coach.  Butt at least Koopie wears stockings! Maybe it will wear off. And she has exhibited that stab-your-mentor-in-the-back-to-get-ahead swagger that Chicago born and bred MO can’t help butt admire.

However, this photo of Ikram at NY Fashion Week might give you a clue to the real reason she’s no longer our go-to fashionista advisor-in-chief:

Ikram She tried to get Lady M to wear this dress for Valentine’s Day, but it was way too tight. That might have been the last straw.

In unrelated news: did you hear what new Congressman Allen West (R-FL) said to CAIR’s idiot executive director Nezar Hamze yesterday?

I believe the direct quote is “Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt.”

Wow! Allen might just be a shiny new model of JoeyB’s dream candidate: “(a) mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

Big Guy better watch out. I understand this guy knows his way around a battlefield, too.

Allen_West Lt. Col. Allen West for President 2012


h/t Larwyn

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