Monday, February 21, 2011

Michelle’s Vail Presidential Downhill Slide

Good grief! We take a short holiday to celebrate Big Guy’s extraordinary job approval ratings and look what happens: Libya’s on the verge of civil war, and Qaddafi flees Tripoli, Wisconsin’s on the verge of civil war and the Democrats flee Madison, Washington is threatening to shut down the federal government in lieu of a civil war and the Senate flees town.

Is it any wonder Lady M is scowling?

mo andsasha gondola  … we’re wearing last year’s Stay-Puft

Here she is stuck in Vail with the Wee Wons, while Big Guy’s back at the Big White where it’s painfully apparent he could use her sage counsel.

americas greatoutdoor initiative where yagoing Whoa, Big Guy! That’s a path to nowhere. Turn! Now!

Butt don’t worry, Lady M is going to soldier on: for the Wee Wons. For the Let’s MOOve Program. As we established a long time ago, she’s willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get the economy rolling again.

So, yesterday we mastered riding on the gondola without our skis or boots, and managed to squeeze in a fashion shoot for the local fashionista magazine, modeling the softer side of ski helmets.

LADY M VAIL WEEKLY COVER Does this ski helmet make me look like a conehead?

Today we took to the slopes with our skis and boots. The first look MO tried to go with was an outfit from the ethnic collection, butt it  seemed to attract too much attention -


especially when we took that inevitable tumble:

snack bag is safe Don’t worry – the snack pack is intact!

Plus, the peasant outfit made her butt look big, so we changed into something a little more contemporary for our aerial performance:


Lady M didn’t really like the brown and white motif, so we finally settled on something both fashionable and functional; a fur trimmed Air Force blue ski jacket, equipped with a powder pink ski leash that allows me to stay in close proximity to her butt as she goes shooting down hill, out of control, despite my best efforts. She does, after all, have the weight advantage. And we are going downhill.


From Vail, this is MOTUS, your cub sports reporter and winter sports enthusiast, signing off.

MO'S VAIL PIN Lady M earned this special Vail pin on her very first run

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