Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Michelle Leaves Vail with a Little X-tra Lift

beaver_creek_400Leaving the Beaver – Beaver Creek at Vail

“A skier will burn off about 6,000 calories during the course of a day.”

That of course assumes that the skier is, uh… skiing. With skis. The calorie burn for a day at the spa is slightly lower. Butt either way, the obsession with Lady M’s dinner at Kelly Lipkin’s last Saturday is all out of proportion. It was a relatively healthy meal: what with the kale, pumpkin and arugula. Still, as Chick pointed out, Rush Limbaugh seems obsessed with Lady M’s short rib supper – even going so far as to suggest she might be hippo-critical!

afwon2We gassed up Air Force Won 2 with premium for the return trip, to get a little extra lift. Butt it has nothing to do with packing some extra “baggage.”

If Rush wanted to pick on Lady M’s diet while “skiing” in Vail, he would have been better off eyeing the offerings at the Game Creek Club where we had lunch. There the offerings include starters of foie gras and pork belly confit in addition to entrees of short ribs, lamb and elk. Not that we ordered any of that.

Or maybe he could have taken a peek at Sweet Basil  where we also dined:

Sweet Basil is committed to green initiatives and environmental responsibility.We proudly feature Natura house purified bottled water for $2 per person,organic ingredients and sustainable food sources.

Their menu is sprinkled with Perigord truffles and house smoked foie gras. Although, this was my favorite menu offering:

Gold Canyon Angus Tenderloin: Truffle and Horseradish “Tater Tots”, Leek Puree, Roasted Leeks, Bone Marrow, Horseradish Gel, Truffle Reduction $46.

Tater Tots! A good thing Rush-bo didn’t get a hold of that one!  Apparently the staff at Basil’s isn’t quite as loose lipped as Kelly’s.

And for the last time, this was a, mostly, private trip:

Michelle Obama's press secretary issued a statement Saturday that the family is picking up the tab for personal expenses.

(At last count that included a bottle of that house purified bottled Natura water, a pocket pack of Kleenex and a roll of Tums.)

Sources say that because Obama was largely paying her own way, she insisted on the final say.

That last one’s cute. They obviously don’t know Lady M very well. She ALWAYS insists on the final say, regardless of who’s paying. Just ask Big Guy, if you don’t believe me.

So everyone, let’s just chill, since I won’t have much cutting edge fashion reporting for awhile. We’ll be wearing loose black clothing for a few days -  until our magic spa treatments kick in.

loose black clothing Big black stretch fabric: until our new containment systems arrive