Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Giant Among Women

agiant among womenThey might be giants, butt still Lady M towers above them

No, Not Lady M. Although she does seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the field, doesn’t she? Gathered here to celebrate – well, even I can’t even keep track of all these overlapping celebration/anniversary/award programs anymore. Maybe I’m coming down with a virus.

Anyway MO and Hil  gave awards to many courageous women from around the world in honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.


What’s odd about this is that Iran didn’t have a woman receiving one of Lady M’s “International Women of Courage” awards – even though Iran just took it’s place on the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women’s Rights. I think they had a nominee, butt she may still be in prison, awaiting her ritual stoning to death. Maybe now that Iran is officially on the committee they’ll commute her sentence to life in prison at hard labor and let her out next year in order to attend our ceremony.

We chose not to address the awkward situation with Iran because, well, because it would be awkward. Butt don’t worry: our former friend and ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, issued a pithy statement on the appointment of Iran to the commission:

"this displays ignorance. Iran continues to stone women and prevent rights from both women and men."

Like I said, pithy. Benji can pretty much say anything he wants: nobody likes him any way.

So while Israel is left to deal with this thorny situation too, let’s turn our attention instead to the new, softer side of MO that Koopie, our new dresser is pushing:

funny Just a couple of giggly girls

I really like the Lanvin frock, soft, drapey plum fabric with just the right touch of understated hardware:

AP110308143970 Fabulous detail! Designer zipper, surprising amidst the soft folds.

Butt I suspect you can see the problem immediately: the shoulder drape works well enough on emaciated arms; butt on fabulously toned biceps: not so much.



And the draping in silhouette is not as successful as we might have HOPEd either. Butt Hil seems to like it.




 Hmmm; so that’s where all those folds went

Butt again, as you can see, it may just be camera angle distortion. Point of view is very important. It’s a huge complicating factor, and makes my job so challenging.

  sonotagoodangle Never let someone shoot you from below the chin line. Ever. I thought we’d covered this when Hil was FLOTUS

Later in the evening Koopie re-draped us in a sparkly tweed short sleeved suit to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of International Women’s Day in the East Room:


We added our lucky bangles and prayed that someday women, who make up nearly half of America’s workforce, will finally reach wage parity with men.  “We gotta get paid more for it,” she told the audience, to applause. So we can pay more taxes too.

I think I’m going to prepare my pitch for a raise again. Toes promised me one before he left, butt as usual with this bunch, it was just an empty promise.

PS. Koopie got a raise. I think it was for teaching Lady M how to stand more like a lady:

looky standinglikealady

We’re working on sitting next: a much larger challenge.